Chocolate Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
Chocolate Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
Product introduction:
This packaging machine was innovatively developed by our own company. It is suitable for packaging chocolates, butter, biscuits, perfume, essence, face-mask etc with AL/PL, PL/PL materials. It is equipped with a micro-computer control system and frequency converter, with characterized by higher automation and easy operation. It is popular equipment for the foodstuff and cosmetics, particularly for those who are to make their own career.
Product features:
1. The distance can be adjusted freely in the same flat surface for forming, heat-sealing, perforation, punching parts etc. It is suitable for various sizes of foodstuff packaging, and it has high precision and good Suitability.
2. Adjustable stroke, automatic feeding, register heating, positive pressure forming, up and down net web, cylinder heat-sealing, printing batch number with automatic perforation, mechanic dragging, easy operation, stable running.
3. It is adopted with imported gear reducer with lower noise and long life.
4. Correct location of die pressure plate, convenience of replacement.
5. Combination mechanism, convenient to assemble and disassemble, easy maintenance.
6. Equipped with temperature reserve chocolate feeder, it can ensure the chocolate charged smoothly, freely and accurately.
Technical parameters:

Main Technical Parameters:

Cutting Frequency (Times/min)


Max. Forming Area and Depth(mm)


Stroke (mm)

40-160 can be manufactured as user's requirements

Standard Plate(mm)

80*57 can be manufactured as user's requirements

Air Pressure (Mpa)


Air supply

≥0.3 m³/min

Total Power

380V/220V 50Hz 6.2kw

Main Motor Power (kw)


PVC Hard Pieces(mm)


PTP Aluminum Foil(mm)


Dialysis Paper(mm)


Mould Cooling

tap water or recycling water

Overall Dimensions(mm)

2900*720*1550 (L*W*H)

Weight (kg)


Sample display: