G1LGDB100-5000 Vertical Single Head Paste Filling Machine With Mixer
G1LGDB100-5000 Vertical Single Head Paste Filling Machine With Mixer
Product introduction:
This series of filling machine is the company with reference to foreign advanced filling machine technology to transform and innovate the product,its structure is more simple and reasonable,high precision,the opreation is more simple.Applicable to medicine,cosmetic,food,pesticide and special industries,is the high viscosity fluid,paste the ideal equipment for filling.Reasonable design,small size,easy operation,more filling volume adjustment handle,filling speed can be adjusted,filling high precision.Filling the valve head with anti-drip,anti-drawing and lifting filling device.This series of filling machine is divided into single head,double head and explosion-proof and other models.
Product features:
1.Applicable to medicine, cosmetic, food, pesticide and special industries, is the high viscosity fluid, paste the ideal equipment for filling.
2.Reasonable design, small size, easy to operate, there are filling volume adjustment handle, filling speed can be adjusted, filling high precision.
3.The mixing tank and hopper have kinds of types and can add heating system.
Technical parameters:




AC220/110V 50/60Hz



Air pressure


Filling speed

5-30 Bottles/min

Filling accuracy


Adjustable model

10-100ml,30-300ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,500-2500ml, 1000-5000ml

Sample display: